ELIANA ALVAREZ MARTINEZ, is an award-winning, accomplished and truly versatile Director / Cinematographer. Her enthusiastic “Have-Camera-Will-Travel” outlook has won her a steady stream of documentary, commercial, fiction and television engagements around the world.

Eliana has worked as the Field Director / Cinematographer of the NAT GEO WILD series, Caught in the Act. She loves logging thousands of miles around North America, capturing cinematic tales of surprising animal encounters. For BBC Travel, she ventures to some of the most remote corners of the planet to find out what it’s like to live there for To the Ends of the Earth.

Her latest work in festivals as a Director/Cinematographer includes Spirit of Discovery, where sharing his past failures and successes with a new generation of scientists, the greatest living oceanographer, 97 year old Professor Walter H. Munk, embarks on an expedition to Cabo Pulmo, Mexico to show the courage and risks it takes to discover something new.

Currently, she is one of the Cinematographers for Sons of Eden, which explores the some of the most pristine, untouched places on Earth, as the expansion of modern civilization threatens to destroy them. She travels across the globe with thirteen activists, seeking out the testimonies of those who have learned how to preserve symbiosis with nature, and documents first-hand experiences -as wild as they are fragile- based on a chain of respect and love between human beings and Mother Earth.

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